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Sacramento's Adult Learn to Swim Program.

Specializing in your needs, Amputees, Sight impaired & water therapy

This is a work in progress.  

Please send me an email and I'd be glad to help you out.

Thank you for finding us.

You dread the swim don't you?  I am here to help.

I offer an affordable, relaxing way to help you get ready for that swim.  I am a swimmer.  I will get you swimming.

We are swimming at the Eldorado Hills Aquatics Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 530-7AM.

Bring $5 for the Lifeguard. 

The Basics of Swimming

Swimming is very technical and there are basic techniques that must be done to swim efficiently.  However great a Tri Coach makes him or herself sound, or how much $$$$ is taken out of your pocket when you seen them, they should all be telling you the same things.   

  1. Relax : The harder you try the worse it gets.

Great swimmers have a "feel" for the water.  You can not force your hand through the water and expect to get the "feel".                                   What is "feel" ?  It is your hand feeling the resistance of the water and you being able to push against it to move yourself                                   forward..   It's like riding your bike in too low of a gear and standing up.  It just doesn't work.