The Burger Facility.

12 yards long

6 foot max depth

92 degrees!

 ​SacSwim4Life is here in Folsom to introduce adults to the benefits of swimming. Our learning center is designed with new swimmers in mind; warm water, easy access and a private setting. We offer private or group lessons.  

Bring yourself or your friends for an enjoyable learn to swim experience.
Do you have a fear of water? 
Have you had a bad experience elsewhere?
Amputee or sight impaired?

We are here for you.  Learn to swim at your pace, not ours. 


Sacramento's Adult Learn to Swim Program.

Specializing in your needs, Amputees, Sight impaired & water therapy

​​Class Levels:

Designed for the non-swimmer, first timer and those of you afraid of the water.
              You will learn how to float and kick on your stomach,
               Introduction to back float

Beginner II
For those of you without fear and able to float.
              You will learn to add arms to your kick
              Back float with kick
              Introduction to deep water 

For those of you working on Freestyle.  (Arms and kicking on your stomach)
               Deep water swimming
               Freestyle endurance


Please send me an email to sign up for lessons.