Sacramento's Non-Profit Adult Learn to Swim Program.

Our program has received a grant from the United States Masters Swimming Saves Lives Foundation to cover operating cost. 

A United States Masters Membership of $52 is required when you "graduate" to swimming at the Folsom Aquatics Center.  This membership covers our insurance and so much more.  Find out more about USMS here.  (  If you cannot afford the $52 membership, arrangements will be made.

Sacswim4life is an adult learn to swim program offered to you by the Sierra Marlins Masters Swim Team and United States Masters Swimming.

Your instructor is Joe Dowd.   He has been working with adults since 1987.  

How it Works

About us

Our Goal

$5 Drop in Lesson
Classes are 30 minutes
​Monday & Wednesday 6:30, 7:00, & 7:30 PM

6 people Maximum Per Class

Our goal is to have you deep water safe and able to swim 50 yards.  In return, we hope that you add swimming to your exercise routine.  

There are many swimming groups in our area to help you stay motivated. I would love it if you joined ours.

Let’s get started!