Sacramento's Adult Learn to Swim Program.

Specializing in your needs, Amputees, Sight impaired & water therapy

My Program is design to get you swimming and keep you swimming for a life time.  When would you like to start?

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Here I am enjoying a swim in Crater Lake !

Regular classes 
​are $10 Per Person

30 minutes sessions
​Monday & Wednesday 6:30, 7:00, & 7:30 PM

5 people Maximum Per Class

Family & Friend Classes available by appointment.

Our Sponsors

Sacswim4life is brought to you by instructor Joe Dowd. Joe has been 
working with adults since 1987. He has the care and compassion you
have been looking for in an instructor.

I am able to bring you the best adult lessons in the area at the best price.

1> Burger Physical Therapy does not charge me to use the pool.
2> I work full time, this is not my career. I love swimming, that is why I am doing this.
3> I haven't hired a professional to do my website or take photo's for advertising.
(I am sure you figured that out)

​I am an old school Red Cross Water Safety Instructor from the 80's.
I teach swimming the way it was taught before "water proofing" and
"philosophy" became buzz words to sell you on a particular "method"
of learning to swim.

You will learn swimming in this progression:

1> Face Float (Floating in a flying position with your face in the water)
2> Face Float with kick
3> Back Float
4> Deep water comfort
5> Face Float with Arms (Freestyle)
6> Freestyle with side breathing

Steps 4 & 5 go together.

The toughest thing about learning to swim? Over coming your fear.
The pool at Burger is inside, private, little, quiet and 92 degrees.
​The perfect place to learn to swim!

Come see why so many have learned to swim with me.  

Isn't it time you started enjoying the water?  Send me a note today and I'll make it happen. 

Please send me an email to sign up for lessons.